Sara Blakely

Featured Quotes: 
  • I think of a lot of ideas at traffic lights.
  • I tried out at Disneyworld to be Goofy and you have to be 5.8 and I'm only 5.6.
  • I'm curious about the things that hold power over us and one of the big fears is fear of embarrassment, we all have that, we have fear of failure so I'm always working on these things that I feel like might hold me back, so if I embarrass myself it loses it's power.
  • It came to me while sitting in traffic in Atlanta. I got very lucky, I was just sitting there and the word 'spanks' just came across the dashboard, and at the very last second I went home, and I knew it was right, and I changed the 'ks' to an 'x'.
  • My dad, when we were young my brother and me, we'd sit at the dining room table at night and he would say 'what did you guys fail at this week?' and if we didn't have something he'd be basically dissapointed.
  • Write your goals down. It makes all the difference.