Ronald Reagan

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He was born in Tampico Illinois in 1911. As his family moved to Dixon he graduated from Dixon high school where he was an athlete and became student president. In 1932 Reagan became a radio sports announcer in Iowa. When on a consignment in California he made a screen test for Warner brothers which led to a lengthy 50 year screen career in films. In1940 he married Jane Wyman a famous actress but was divorced in 1952 when he married Nancy Davies. In world war 2 he was rejected to serve in the forces because of poor eyesight so he instead made service films.

Although he was a democrat in his younger years he joined the Republicans as a sign of his growing conservatism. He then entered politics in 1967 and became governor of California until 1975. After Reagan's governancy of California he was elected President of the USA in 1980 at the age of 69 the oldest man ever to be elected as president. Only two months after his inauguration there was an assassination attempt by a John Hinckley where Reagan was injured but recovered. In office he cut taxes and reduced state spending, but spent on economic programmes which supported the rich.

In foreign affairs Reagan escalated the cold war by initiating his star wars programme or SDI (strategic defence initiative) He also meddled in foreign countries sending American troops to Lebanon and Grenada as well as covertly supporting anti-communist rebels in South American countries. Reagan was elected for a second term as President in 1984. He stated that 'Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem'

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Reagan taking control of election debate by humiliating Walter Mondale