Ramirez - Highlander

Featured Quotes: 
  • From the dawn of time we came, moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you...until now.
  • I am Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramírez, Chief metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain and I'm at your service.
  • My cut has improved your voice!
  • The Kurgan. He is the strongest of all the immortals. He's the perfect warrior. If he wins the Prize, mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness.
  • With heart, faith and steel. In the end there can be only one.
  • You have the manners of a goat and you smell like a dung heap, and you have no knowledge whatsoever of your potential.