Ralph Abernathy

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  • I have had brain surgery. One of the carotid arteries was clogged, and I went to St. Johns hospital, my wife took me there and I had a carotid artery.
  • Jesse Jackson had expressed the hope and the dream of recieving the nomination of the democrats, and so I naturally, my former employee and my friend, I went to somewhere in North Carolina and I supported him all the way.
  • We don't want any particular state, as some advocate. We don't want any particular territory. We don't want to take over either. We just want to live as brothers.
  • We've got a straight line to the White House, and we gonna talk to the White House. We wanna hear from the White House! If Bull Connor will not do it, if Governor Wallace won't do it, then Bobby Kennedy will.
  • Until the Englishman goes back to England, until the Italians go back to Italy, until the Germans go back to Germany, the Mexicans go back to the Mexico, the Frenchman goes back to France, and the white man gives this country back to the Indians!