Peter Thiel

Featured Quotes: 
  • I think failure's not something one can learn very much from. I think that's a myth I would challenge.
  • If you're a founder or entrepreneur, what you want to aim for is monopoly. You wanna aim to build a company that is one of a kind, that's so far differentiated from the competition that it's not even competing.
  • PayPal started with Power Selling on Ebay.
  • Saying that you want to be an entrepreneur is sort of like saying 'I wanna be rich' or 'I want to be famous'.
  • The general theme I would suggest, is that all trends are overrated.
  • You are the entrepreneur of your life, and you can decide what you're gonna do, what you're going to prioritize and you should never forget that you have a tremendous amount of freedom as it is, to make these very basic decisions on what you're going to do with your life. You can start any time you want.