Pat Tate - Rise of the Footsoldier

Rise of the Footsoldier is a British Gangster movie directed by Julian Gilbey, screenplay by Julian Gilbey & Mike Hawk, with Craig Fairbrass playing the part of Pat Tate, Ricci Harnett as Carlton Leach and Terry Stone as Tony Tucker. Tate is was a ferocious dog of a gangster, not afraid of prison and had a funny relationship with Britains fast food industry. Together with his partner in crime Tony Tucker for a while they run the Essex Underworld club scene bringing drugs into establishments across Essex and London covering the 90s rave scene. Pat had a thirst for violence and in the end that was his downfall after meeting death from a shotgun to the head in the famous Range Rover shootings. The film also includes an appearence of Lauren Pope from The Only Way Is Essex. The film's duration is 113 minutes. For Tate's best quotes of the film just click or touch one of the heads above of your choice.

Pat Tate
Essex Boy Firm
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DOB: 01/01/1958
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Pat Tate giving Roger Spooner a chelsea smile at his pizza shop in Basildon