Nigel Farage - The Brexit Party

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  • Essentially this is a reheating of Mrs May's EU treaty. It's the attempt to put lipstick on the pig and I hope and believe that the House of Commons and the British public won't buy it at a fourth time of asking
  • Here in the country that has the mother of parliaments. It is in our very country where the very democratic process has been willfully betrayed by a political class who have acted in my view in the most disgraceful, almost treacherous manner
  • It is November the 1st, and yes we are still members of the European Union. Yet more broken promises and indeed a breakdown of trust and faith, not just in politics but actually in our entire democratic system in this country.
  • The president of the port of Calais, and the boss of the port of Dover tell you they're 100% ready for Brexit in whatever form it comes. I suggest we listen to them and not the overpaid pen pushers in Whitehall who are not doing a neutral job. And once Brexit is done, we'll take the knife to them, alright? I've had enough of all of it. Had enough of all of it.
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It is November the 1st and yes we are still members of the European Union