Matt Brittin

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  • If I speak to my phone and do a search with Voice, what happens is a voice file gets recorded, it goes to a server, it's distributed out to a thousand other servers, they all try to figure out what's this British guy saying, and comes back with an answer which we then run a search on, come back with that answer then send it to the phone, and a voice will speak back the answer and that happens in a very short time.
  • There's never been a more competative time I think, and a bigger opportunity for entrepreneurs. I would say today is probably unique in history as being the best time possible to be an entrepreneur. If you've got an idea and a smartphone you can reach 3.5 billion people, within a couple of years you can reach 5 billion people.
  • When I was at school the internet hadn't been invented. When I was at university Tim Berners Lee was only just writing the memo that led to the creation of the world wide web so, it would've been impossible to target the job that I've got now, it didn't exist, the company didn't exist and the technology didn't exist.