Mark Francois - Brexit

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  • I think there are many MPs across the party, by no means just brexiteers who are extremely concerned that the Prime Minister is now considering doing a deal with a marxist.
  • It's not a win it's a lose. I'm not gonna bank lose. I was in the Army I wasn't trained to lose.
  • Someone shouts from a sedentary position 52-48. There's a difference between a majority of 1.4million and one. So all I would say to the Right Honourable Gentleman opposite and his parliamentary colleagues is the public won't be impressed by this. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!
  • The Sun and the Telegraph this morning described this deal as a surrender. I am afraid it is. No sooner is the ink dry than the Spanish are after Gibraltar and the French are after our fish.
  • Will Self: Since 2016 your problem really, Mark, is not that you have to be a racist or an anti Semite, to vote for Brexit. It’s just that every racist and anti Semite in the country did. Francois: I think that’s a slur on 17.4 million people and I think you should apologise on national television. I think that’s an outrageous thing to say.
  • We had a vote. We put it to the people, that leaflet that went through everybody's door at the cost of 9.2 million pounds said this is a once in a generation decision, and then criticly it said this is your decision. The government will impliment what you decide.