Manny Ribera - Scarface

Featured Quotes: 
  • Castro just sprung him. This guy was one of the top dogs for Fidel in the early days. But Castro felt like he couldn't trust him anymore and threw him in jail. But while he was on top, he tortured a few guys to death. And one of the guy's brother is a rich guy in Miami now, and he wants the favor repaid. That's where we come in.
  • I mean, look at the way he dresses man. Come on. That's style, flash, pizzazz, a little coke money doesn't hurt nobody.
  • I told them what you told me to tell them, I told them I was in sanitation. They didn't go for it.
  • We can be outta this place in thirty days. Not only that, but we got a green card and a job in Miami. Now are we made or are we made man?
  • What about Ernie?
  • You know what I want? I thought of this the other day, a line of blue jeans, right, with my name written on the back of chicks' asses. How's that?