John Bercow

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  • I think he knows the word beginning with 'D' and ending in 'Y' that he inappropriately used. Withdraw.
  • In response to that question, the prime minister has finished and he can take it from me that he's finished.
  • In voting as you see fit, on any political issue, you as members of parliament are never mutineers. You are never traitors. You are never malcontents. You are never enemies of the people.
  • It is a considerable discourtesy, or incompetent, or both for a secretary of state to take twice the length of time that is allocated for answering an urgent question.
  • Mr Gove! You really are a rather over-excited individual! You need to write out 1,000 times 'I will behave myself at Prime Minister's Questions.
  • Order!
  • That sticker on the subject of Brexit happens to be affixed to, or in the windscreen of, my wife’s car. Yes, it is. I am sure the hon. Gentleman would not suggest for one moment that a wife is somehow the property or chattel of her husband. She is entitled to her views. That sticker is not mine, and that is the end of it.
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John shouting in The House of Commons