Jimmy Hoffa

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  • If the American Federation of Labor CIO had any guts but they haven't, they've lost them completely, and traded them out of fear of a subpoena. They would organize a campaign, agianst Kennedy for his sponsership of the Kennedy Landrum-Griffin bill, which for the first time in America has made strike breakers out of one union man to break the strike of another union man.
  • It's been stated publicly that I'm controlled by gangsters. I am not controlled by them.
  • Murderer upstairs and a man of fifty years along side of you, and when you're trying to sleep under those conditions, unless you have a tremendous willpower, you're constantly with one eye open, looking to see whether you'll survive the night for the next day.
  • Nobody in this country respects what's weak. You believe me.
  • There is no question about Hoffa, and don't you say that either. Don't you say that I'm a communist! or even affiliated with one. You said that enough around this country, and I want the American press to know that I resent the fact that there is any inference that I am a Communist, that I am associated with or controlled by Communists, and don't you use this as a sounding board for headlines for that purpose. I appeal to the chair that that be taken out of the record, and that nobody cast any aspersions about my loyalty to this country. I object to that!
  • When you have truck drivers, you'll have warehousemen, organized or factory workers organized, sufficiently strong. You can use the law today. You can use your echonomic strength out of the area, the surrounding areas, particularly in transportation where you don't need muscle.