Jacob Rees-Mogg - Brexit

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  • As what my right honourable friend says and what my right honourable friend does no longer match, should I not write to my right honourable friend the member for Altrincham and Sail West?
  • It does not apply to judges in the EU, so let me be rude about them. Let me indulge in the floccinaucinihilipilification of EU judges and quote from the book of Amos about them.
  • Lord Heseltine's a frightful old humbug, who divided the Conservative Party more than anybody else in our modern history, and a period of silence on his part would be welcome.
  • Most of the MP’s saying we can’t leaving without voting for a deal actually voted for a law that provides for us to leave without a deal, and not if I may say so crashing out, which is a politically prejudicial term, but Channel 4 really shouldn’t be using these politically charged terms, you’re meant to be an impartial broadcaster.
  • The Treasury has been the bastion of Remoanerism since the referendum and indeed before. It came out with all these lunatic forecasts before the referendum as to what would happen purely on a vote to leave. So, the Treasury has rather embarrassed itself, has a lot of egg on its face from getting its Brexit-related forecasts so wrong so far and I think there is an element within the Treasury that is still grumpy about Brexit, and that’s a pity.
  • You are either in the European Union or you leave it. This is not only my view, this is the view of Donald Tusk.