Harry Monroe - Stir Crazy

Featured Quotes: 
  • A hundred and twenty five years! I'll be a hundred and sixty one when I get out.
  • Better get bad Jack, because you ain't bad, you gonna get fucked. You bad they don't mess wit'cha. Hey, holmes! Get down.
  • Carry me back to old Virginia, lord!
  • I'm a short son of a bitch. My father was a short son of a bitch too. My mother was shorter than him, and my brother was real short and we couldn't even see him. He was a short son of a bitch.
  • I'm gonna be a dead old man, I don't want to do a hundred and twenty five, I don't wanna do one. I don't even want to do a hundred.
  • Right on. Man wants a light. Light!
  • This is 65 African Ganji from the motherland! Do you understand? It's been soaked in the earth, back home! This is mean!
  • We don't want no shit, you understand. We don't take too much shit. We take a little bit. We don't take a bunch of shit.