George W. Bush

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Click or tap on the heads below for sound Was born in 1946 on the 6th July in New Haven, Connecticut. He had 6 younger siblings; his father being a business man and former president of the U.S.A. His early schooling was in Midland, Texas and then attended Andover Academy in Massachusetts. He was a fair student and labeled a 'troublemaker' his main achievements were in athletic pursuits. Despite this and with the help of his family connections he entered Yale in 1964. grades were not as important to Bush as being sociable and networking with the elite and powerful in the secretive 'Skull and bones society'. His draught into the army was deferred and instead he entered the Texas Air National Guard in 1968 during the height of the Vietnam war. In 1974 Bush went to Harvard business school obtaining an MB the following year (1975). He then became an oil and gas business man, marrying Laura Walsh in 1977, who influenced him in giving up his alcoholism and becoming a born again Christian. As a Republican he became Texas state governor in 1998 and president of the USA in 2000 after a controversial (rigged?) vote. After the 9/11 attack in 2001 Bush increased his forces in Afghanistan against the 'evil' Taliban and successfullly invaded Iraq in the 'weapons of mass destruction' campaign; leaving Iraq in civil war. In 2004 he defeated John Kerry to complete his second term as president. In the 2008 financial crash he controversially bailed out the failing banks.
George Walker Bush
The White House
43rd President of the United States of America
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DOB: 07/06/1946
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"Today our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack"