George Osborne

Born in Paddington in 1971, a descendent of one the oldest Anglo-Irish aristocracy. His father is the 17th Baron of Osborne of which George is heir to. He attended St. Paul's public school then went to Magdalen college Oxford. He briefly worked for the Daily Telegraph intending to be a journalist but then left to become a researcher in Parliament for the Conservatives. He became MP for Tatton, Cheshire in 2001. He was appointed chancellor of the exchequer in 2010 after the Conservative/Liberal democrats formed a coalition government. He is a pragmatic Eurosceptic and committed to the cutting of state services in order to cut the deficit.

George Gideon Oliver Osborne
Conservative Party
Secretary of State
DOB: 05/23/1971
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We've 'ad a system where people oo do the right thing and we wan it fixed