Francis Begbie - Trainspotting

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  • Armed robbery. With a replica. I mean, how the fuck can it be armed robbery with a fucking replica?
  • It was fuckin' obvious that that c##t was gonnae fuck some c##t
  • That lassie got glassed, and no c##t leaves here till we find out what cunt did it
  • The other fuckin' week there, down the fuckin' Volley with Tommy, playing pool. I'm playing like Paul Fuckin Newman by the way
  • You listen to me you piece of junkie shit. Jokes a fucking joke, you mention that again I'll cut you up!
  • Well it's not our fault! Your boy went down because he's a fuckin' smackhead! And if that's not your fault, then I don't know what is
Begbie is a Scottish psychopath who loves a fight and who's quick on the draw with a blade. His average day consists of drinking lager, smoking cigarettes and starting a fight with anybody that gets in his way. Although all his close friends are addicted to heroin, Begbie is the only one that will not poison his viens with that shite as he gets his fix from assaulting innocent punters.
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No way would I poisen my body with that shite. All them fucking chemicals.