Ferne McCann - TOWIE

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Click or tap any of the above heads to hear sounds of Ferne McCann from The Only Way is Essex. Here you can hear one of many arguments from the husky sweetheart including the classic where she was accused by Gemma Colllins for saying she needed a gastric band. Also included is the heart breaking break up with Charlie that shows the vulnerable sensitive side of a woman that's obviously been around the block.

Ferne was a late comer to the show but her personality made her a winner. Always a VIP standing out from the rest as she's honest and tells it like it is to your face. She makes regular trips to Las Vegas, Miami, Marbella where people like Ferne thrive in the party life style, showing us all how it's done.

Ferne McCann
The Only Way Is Essex
Model/Fasionable Foodie
DOB: 08/06/1990
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Ferne arguing with Gemma Collins over what was said in Ibiza