Doyle - Sling Blade

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  • Frankie you be quiet. We're talking, the adults are talking.
  • Randy you tuning son of a bitch!..go fucking practice Randy!
  • See I work in construction. I build things. You understand how important that is to the world Frank?...I don't know if you'll realise the pressure a man like me's got on him.
  • We don't got no goddamn band! We don't need to fucking practice Randy! We don't need a shit-ass manager neither! You motherfuckers! Y'all is a bunch of losers! I'm the only one sane son of a bitch here! Just get the fuck out of my house now!
  • You know better to talk to me like that when I'm hurting Linda...don't make me knock the piss out of you.
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Doyle shouting at band members