Dennis Skinner

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Born in Clay Cross, one of nine children; he has represented his constituency of Bolsover in north east Derbyshire for Labour, since 1970. He was a miner for 20 years; then NUM president and finally an MP. He notably stood against Edward Heath [ The then Prime Minister] protesting against council house rent rises in Clay Cross and was subsequently nicknamed the ‘Beast of Bolsover’. On entering Parliament he made three vows: ‘No junkets, no drinking in the commons bar, and no pairing with the Tories [which gave them a free day on the golf course] He has adhered to these promises for 45 years. He is against the Bedroom tax but for the mansion tax. He has refused ministerial posts as they lead to patronage and prefers to be a loose cannon. See below for a screenshot of the United Nations Heart Bypass quote that was made quoted while addressing opposition in Parliament.

Dennis Skinner
Labour Party
Veteran Labour Party MP representing Bolsover in The Houses of Parliament.
DOB: 02/11/1932
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Dennis shouting about his United Nations heart bypass in Parliament