David Cameron

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David William Donald Cameron
Conservative Party
Prime Minister

Educated at Eton and then to Brasenose college at Oxford university where he obtained a degree in P.P.E.(Philosophy, Politics and Economics) then became a parliamentary assistant. In Westminster.He was first elected as M.P. in 2001 for Witney Oxfordshire and in 2005 became leader of the Conservative party. In coalition with the Liberal party he became prime minister (the youngest prime minister for 200 years) in 2015 saying "We're all in it together". He believes in austerity and a reduction in spending on public services to remove the deficit. He was the first Prime minister to veto an EU treaty and is negotiating an in/out referendum of the EU for 2017. He believes that the state is an impediment and the market will solve all ills; individualism wins over collective endeavour.

DOB: 10/09/1966