Dan Quayle

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Dan (The Man) Quayle
White House
Former Vice President of the United States
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DOB: 02/04/1947

He was born on February 4th 19947 in Indianapolis and attended Huntingdon High school in Indiana. Then he went to De Pauw university in 1969; then onto Indiana university to obtain a Law degree in 1974. Quayle married a teacher, Marilyn Tucker in1972 and they went on to have 3 children. After his law degree he worked as a publisher in his family's newspaper. He was elected to congress in 1976 and then became vice- president in1989 serving under president George H.W. Bush. He worked to reform the legal system and to renew the basic American values. After retiring from politics he became chairman of Cerberus Capital Management which has influential offices in Germany and Japan.

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"Millions of innocent people lost their lives because of bigotry and Hitlerism"