Chris Hughes - Love Island

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  • Before I'd even come up and spoken to her and said anything she calls me fucking childish, like are you actually gonna react to that? Yeah, I can do if I want. I can do what the fuck I want, that's the, you're calling me childish and pathetic before you've even fuckin spoken to me.
  • Glad you're still here. You're a massive personality.
  • Honestly, I swear to you I'm so not bothered and I can't stress that to you enough.
  • I don't know I feel like I need to graft or something.
  • My head's all over the gath, I don't know what to think.
  • No but genuinely in my life, no guy's ever ever stole my bird and it ain't gonna happen now. I am powerful, powerful, very powerful.
  • Ok so, I wanna couple up with this girl because, after bitching about her somehow, Muggy Mike's decided to take the girl I like so, I'm gonna couple up with this girl purely on a friendship basis and because she's had my back from day one. She's always been there for me and she's one of the most one faced girls in here.
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Chris attacking Mike while coupling up on Love Island