Carlton Leach - Rise of the Footsoldier

Featured Quotes: 
  • An all out war with the Turks would have been a drawn-out, bloody affair.
  • It was the end of an era. But before the murders, the torture, the beatings and the ecstacy, before all of that, there was football. You see, football was where all the spite and the hatred first came from. On those terraces, well, it's where it all began for me.
  • Now this may sound a bit harsh, but in my world, kindness is mistaken for weakness.
  • So I was a married man, but football was my mistress, and I played away every weekend.
  • What could I do? She put it on me, and I didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings.
  • What's it all about Eddie. There's Millwall Tottenham all over this place. I keep waiting for it to kick off!