Brick Top - Snatch

Alan Ford
Organized Crime

Mr Pulford known as Brick Top is a feared gangster from London's East End. He runs a bookies, promotes fighters in the ring as well as running pitball fights. Known for his sharp, brutal tongue he's produced some of the most memorable quotes to hit the British screen along with an impeccable performance in the film Snatch played by Alan Ford. While looking like your average old dad you soon recognise an evil bastard behind a big steady pair of strong lensed glasses.

The most famous quote from the film is no doubt 'Do you know what nemisis means' but other classics to follow are endless including his detailed knowledge of pig farms that drive fear into his enemies. Although usually on steady odds he involves an irish traveller named Mickey (played by Brad Pitt) to box in one of his fights, and with him being a gypsy fighting champion and having typical Irish stubbornness, things start to go horribly wrong. While giving betting advice to the lumps of the underworld he begins to get into to debt and embarrass his fearsome reputation, but determined to turn this around he still has Turkish reluctantly on his side to do all his dirty work and make things savvy.

His biggest mistake was giving the order to murder a pikeys mother by burning down a caravan with her init and underestimating a pikeys revenge. With a showdown for a bare knuckle boxing match, he's rigged the fight to go his way but Mickey has other plans to evenge his mother and clean house betting for himself. After Once again being let down and after the chaos of an after fight brawl, this leads to the old man reciveing a shotgun to the face after shouting "give me the f##cking shooter!" to the hitman and that's that.

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Bricktop explaining his definition of the word 'Nemesis'