Bob Crow

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  • I think the budget will be, exactly what the budget will be for any tory chancellor, to look after the rich at the excuse of the poor, and the fact is the austerity has been used to roll back all the gains that working people have had since World War Two, attacking the National Health Service, comprehensive litigation, social housing, all them are under attack.
  • Can I ask you a question, How much do you earn a year?
  • You can hound me to the day I die. I'm not changing. I'm gonna defend my members and fight for what's right in this country.
  • If I wanna spend ten thousand pound on a car, or ten thousand pound on a holiday, or ten thousand pound on cigarettes, euh, that's up to me.
  • My union's policy's quite clear, to come out the European Union and we never want to be in it.
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Bob at press conference telling people about his holiday