Anna Soubry

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  • Fourty four percent of our exports, which is two hundred and ninety billion pounds goes into the EU. Kate, it will go down to almost absolutly zero if we come out of the EU.
  • I do object to being called a Nazi actually. Sorry, I just think this is astonishing. This is what's happened to our country, actually but anyway let's move on and try to be positive about things.
  • I'm afraid we ran a pretty dreadful campaign, that's propably me being generous. I can't explain exactly what has happened. Where do you want me to begin?
  • This is seriously worrying. These people are members of, alot of them the English Defence League. They support people like the so called Tommy Robinson man. These are fascists, and overwhelmingly it seems as well many of them are racists. They have no regard for law at all, and I'm afraid the truth is Brexit has unleashed these people. This is Britain now. This is not the Britain I know and love, and these people do not represent our country and they need sorting out!
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Anna directing debate to Jacob Rees Mogg in Parliament