Amy Winehouse

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  • Back to Black is about being in a relationship, but when it's finished you go back to what you know, except that I wasn't working so I couldn't throw myself back into work, and when the guy I was seeing went back to his ex girlfriend I didn't really have anything to go back to, so, I guess I went back to a very black few months, doing silly things as you do when you're twenty two and you're young, and in love.
  • Do you know what I heard about Tim Westwood yeah, he calls his wife five minutes before he get's home and goes 'I'm coming home in 5 minutes' she has to put the backing track on, so when he walks in the door he goes 'Big dog in the house!' I heard that. I don't know if it's true but I heard that.
  • I don't write songs because I want my voice to be heard because I want to be famous or any of that stuff. I write songs about things I have problems with and I have to get past them, and I have to get, make something good out of something bad.
  • I love the 60s thing because it's so naive and innocent, and dramatic, it's that mentality of, you know I love that boy with the dirty hair who rides a motorbike, and even if he doesn't love me back I'd still lay in a road for him because I love him. It's very all or nothing. I like that. I like the mentality.