John Bercow

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He was born on 19.1.63 in Edgware, Middlesex of Jewish parents, his father being a taxi driver and his grandparents were Romanian immigrants. Bercow attended the local primary school called Frith Manor and then went on to a local comprehensive in Finchley. He then obtained a first class honours degree reading politics in 1985 from Essex university. On leaving university he joined the Conservative 'Monday club' but left at the age of 20 saying that their right wing views were too extreme. Bercow then briefly worked for Norman Tebbit in campaigning students for the 1987 general election. He then took a job as a merchant banker, spending 5 years on the board of directors with Rowland, Sallingbury and Casey. After leaving them he became director of an Advanced Speaking and campaigning course for ten years and lectured in the USA at the 'Leadership Institute' He served as a councillor for the London borough of Lambeth from 1986-1990.

In 1992 he was elected as conservative MP for Buckingham after serving as special adviser to Jonathon Aitkin and Virginia Bottomley and subsequently was elected to the shadow cabinet in 2001 but resigned in 2002 disagreeing with Ian Duncan Smith who was forcing his party to vote against a bill to allow unmarried, heterosexual and gay adoption of children. In 2003, when Michael Howard was leader of the Conservatives, Bercow disagreed with him so much he was sacked and was awarded 'Opposition MP of the year' Because of his non-partisan approach to politics, indeed he sometimes agreed with opposition proposals, he was elected as Speaker of the House of Commons in May 2009 and still remains so. He is the first Jewish Speaker of the House and the first not to wear traditional court robes while presiding over the House of Commons. Away from parliament John is an exceptional tennis player who plays regularly and has a number one junior ranking. Below is a screenshot of John while making his famous 'Yoga' quote while talking to Labour MP Clive Lewis.

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